Young Explorers project aims at raising pupils’ awareness of their own culture and attune them to the fact that there are other ways of behaving and other value systems; to develop respect for life-styles different from their own so that young people can understand and appreciate each other; to prevent the prejudices towards others we don't know much about them; to enable all pupils to speak for themselves and articulate their cultures and histories; to help pupils understand the links between their own lives and those of people throughout the world and engage pupils in what would otherwise be abstract and distant issues, making these complex issues more immediate, real and accessible; to motivate pupils through personal contacts, direct experience, ‘real’ classroom activities and materials.
         We hope that as a result of our partnership, its participants will improve their ability to communicate constructively in different environments, show tolerance, express and understand different viewpoints, the cultural diversities devoted to diffrent countries and feel empathy. They also will value diversity and respect others, and be prepared both to overcome prejudices and to compromise because such competences can be created on the basis of collaboration, assertiveness and integrity.